Geely Group’s commercial vehicle brand Farizon Auto has launched the so-called Homtruck during the annual Farizon Auto Day, held at the end of December in Xiangtan, Hunan, China. The Homtruck is Farizon’s cutting-edge luxury new energy intelligent heavy truck. Developed by Farizon’s global R&D team over six years, according to the Chinese truck manufacturer, “it combines European automotive manufacturing expertise with Chinese mastery of new energy and intelligent technology“.

The Homtruck was capable to cover 1,341 kilometers and earned the coveted “High-Efficiency Performance Heavy Truck” certification after rigorous testing by CAERI. Homtruck is also gearing up to challenge the world record for the “longest range on a single refueling for a methanol range extender heavy truck” in 2024.

Farizon Auto’s Homtruck: some key features

Homtruck features a fully digital powertrain management solution based on Farizon’s “Methanol-hydrogen + Electric” technology. With versatile power options such as methanol range extender, methanol AMT, and pure electric. In addition, Homtruck autonomous driving functionality leverages Geely satellite network and collaborates with global partners, employing a comprehensive solution with multiple cameras, laser radar, 4D millimeter-wave radar, and integrated navigation. This ensures efficiency while significantly reducing driver fatigue.

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In addition, in terms of safety, Farizon Auto’s Homtruck adopts a “cage” type structure with a 32% high-strength steel ratio and advanced collision force path planning technology. Additional features include electronic rearview mirrors, a digital high-definition 270-degree panoramic imaging system, and a rearview imaging system, providing all-day visibility on the road.

Finally, talking about the interiors, the intelligent living cabin predominantly uses eco-friendly materials and integrates all necessary features for work, entertainment, and daily life. The third-generation intelligent seats, coupled with the advanced CALM suspension system, enhance cabin stability and comfort. The AI voice assistant ensures driving safety seamlessly.


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