There’s a new smartphone app available for FUSO eCanter potential customer in several European countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

Daimler Truck’s eTruck Ready App, free of cost, enables customers to determine which operating profiles and routes are suitable for an eCanter. The smartphone app records the driving routes of a conventional vehicle, detecting speed, acceleration and altitude profile along the route. Important parameters such as the payload and the outside temperature can be added afterwards by fleet managers in an individual web portal. From this data, the program generates the respective range and expected power consumption of the FUSO eCanter.

FUSO eCanter: the App as part of a holistic approach

The eTruck Ready App is part of the holistic e-consulting approach developed within Daimler Trucks. As the app is now compatible with the eCanter, FUSO further strengthens its leading presence in the field of CO2-neutral transport. 

Daimler’s brand FUSO launched the eCanter back in 2017. The company aims to have all new vehicles available in Europe, North America and Japan ‘tank-to-wheel’ CO2-neutral by 2039. The eCanter thereby plays a significant role toward achieving carbon neutral transportation, with the ongoing movement toward carbon neutral societies addressed by various governments in European countries.

More from the Daimler world: a Virtual Reality Center in India

FUSO eCanter app

Talking about Daimler, the Group’s commercial vehicle subsidiary in India Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) has lately opened the first Virtual Reality Center at its Chennai plant. The VRC allows operators to virtually perform serviceability and accessibility checks using a digital model accessed via 3D goggles and navigational joysticks. This has the potential to transform both R&D and vehicle servicing procedures, as it reduces the need for custom-built tools, prototype vehicles, and service bays.

Additionally, Daimler Truck teams from around the world can access the same model simultaneously to exchange ideas and opinions.


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