In response to increasing EV demand, global company GKN Automotive will soon expand its product portfolio with the addition of next-generation 800V eDrive technologies.

Such systems, utilizing and harnessing state-of-the-art 800V technologies, are already at advanced stages of development and being tested in real-world conditions. GKN Automotive’s global experts are now working with some of the major automotive manufacturers to make these advanced eDrive systems a production reality.

Faster charging times and better performance

Among the benefits of future eDrive technologies enhanced with 800V technology are faster charging times and better performance. The greater systems efficiencies they bring will also lead to an increased driving range, currently a key obstacle for consumers wanting to make the switch to a battery electric vehicle. Efficiencies could also lead to car makers opting to use smaller batteries, reducing vehicle cost, complexity, and weight. 

GKN Automotive and the high-tech 800V systems

«Global demand for electric vehicles is accelerating fast and now is the perfect time for GKN Automotive to underpin its leadership in eDrive systems through next-generation technologies», said Liam Butterworth, CEO of GKN Automotive. «These high-tech 800V systems will create faster charging cars with better battery range, improved driving performance and even greater efficiencies. GKN Automotive intends to continue delivering an increasingly electrified future».


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