Goodyear has launched Fuelmax Endurance tyre line, featured by fuel efficiency and high versatility. The new range of steer and drive axle tyres provides an innovative solution for transportation and logistics companies operating both on highways and secondary or state roads referred to as inter-regional applications. The company states the new product line features a B-label in fuel efficiency. This results in lower emissions levels of new heavy-duty vehicles by 2% on average in comparison to a C-label tyre for fuel efficiency. We had mentioned Goodyear some months ago about the joint efforts with ZF supporting greener mobility.

Goodyear’s Fuelmax Endurance line: low emissions and better grip

«The versatile Fuelmax Endurance range is a real gamechanger within the tyre and transportation industry as it is efficient and hard-wearing offering both low emissions and excellent grip plus traction», commented Maciej Szymanski, Marketing Director Commercial Business Unit Europe at Goodyear. «A reduction of 2 percent in CO2 translates into a saving of about 1 tonne CO2 emissions and 400 liters of fuel per truck, per year. In case a 100 vehicles fleet switches from a C-label to a fuel-efficient B-label tyre like Fuelmax Endurance this would represent a potential saving of 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 40.000 Litres of fuel, per year».

More into details, the Fuelmax S Endurance steer tyre combines Goodyear‘s IntelliMax Rib Technology in a 5 or 6 rib design with ingenuity in the rib distribution and groove geometry. The stiffeners in the shoulder grooves connect when the tyre rolls increasing the robustness of tyre and limiting wear in more demanding off-highway journeys, where stop-start driving, curb stone impact, increased turning and manoeuvring and more braking put additional demands on tyres.

Goodyear fuelmax endurance

Further optimize rolling resistance

The increased tread depth on selected steer sizes results in more wearable rubber, providing better grip later in the service life. An innovative low energy-loss tread compound offsets heat generation caused by load forces on the steer position. A number of steer tyres also feature an optimized sidewall compound further contributing to lower emissions and fuel efficiency as it decreases flexion and deformation of the sidewall in off-highway operations.

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In addition to the innovative tread compound for use on the drive axle, the drive tyre benefits of a dedicated curing process to further optimize rolling resistance. The directional tread design includes a high number of deep sipes, deep centre grooves and more biting edges to improve traction and evacuate water more effectively.

«Vehicle manufacturers, fleet managers and operators are under increasing pressure to meet sustainability targets whilst operating on low margins. Regulators, investors and end-customers are demanding ‘clean’ products being transported in the most sustainable way. To support a real move towards a climate-neutral future in a highly complex environment like transportation, green and efficient operations need to go hand-in-hand, without adding complexity», added Grégory Boucharlat, vice-president Commercial Europe for Goodyear.


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