The EV Star REEFERX is the new all-electric refrigerated MD truck unveiled by the California-based company GreenPower. Built on GreenPower’s EV Star Cab & Chassis platform, the EV Star REEFERX is purpose-built and fully customizable with a lighter body to allow for increased payload.

Designed to serve mid to last-mile refrigerated delivery and catering applications, the EV Star REEFERX moves goods that need to be temperature controlled, such as fresh and frozen foods, flowers and pharmaceuticals, among other applications. The vehicle body features a one interior wall structure to allow for seamless sanitation, consistent insulation throughout and a longer life.

GreenPower EV Star REEFER-X, some technical highlights

More into details, the truck’s one-piece box design provides multiple benefits including a modern look that’s easy to repair, a design that allows for quick assembly and flat-packed for dealers and a one-piece wall structure that provides consistent insulation and a longer life. Multi-temperature zones accommodate moving a variety of items requiring different storage temperatures, while optimal battery placement provides for a lower center of gravity resulting in maximum cargo capacity.

Customizable options for low or high voltage refrigerator units, depending on specific use-cases. Various insulation thickness available to meet different applications and environments. Also, increased payload due to a lighter body allows for increased payload capacity saving customers both time and money, along with eTRU being powered by the high voltage battery.

“The EV Star REEFERX offers customers a unique, modern and versatile all-electric commercial vehicle that boasts a higher payload capacity,” said Brendan Riley, President of GreenPower. “Through this offering, we are able to provide fleet owners a reliable way to deliver refrigerated and frozen goods on daily routes. Combining exceptional performance and efficiency, the EV Star REEFERX is purpose-built to be an electric refrigerated vehicle, making it a superior product for a wide-use of applications requiring multi-temperature zones, without the sticker shock.”


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