GULPLUG unveiled its newly-developed hands-free AC/DC charging system for electric vehicles. The French start up has recently launched SELFPLUG, which allows charging over the entire power range up to 43 kW AC and 100 kW DC.

SELFPLUG, the new charging solution by GULPLUG

SELFPLUG provides the grid with up to ten times the storage capacity. This capacity can be used to balance demand and electricity production instead of the gas-fired power plants used today. The resource will generate income for the EV user, reducing its cost of use. So far, the system is conceived mainly for car owers, but it might become viable even for commercial vehicles.

“Over the past few months, SELFPLUG has found its market. We have started projects with several major global car manufacturers. They confirm the strength of SELFPLUG, which they repeatedly qualify as the safest, the most reliable and the most affordable hands-free charging system on the market” pointed out Henri Trintignac, GULPLUG’s CEO.


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