Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), developing logistic and digital hubs in Harmburg port, has created an innovation cluster (Clean Port & Logistics, CPL) aimed at testing hydrogen-powered equipment in port logistics. According to HHLA, the aim of the project is to examine how hydrogen can be used to reliably supply power to harbour technology and port logistics.

Within the cluster – sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure – the concepts developed for operation, safety, repair, maintenance, refuelling and supply are tested and optimised in practical operation. In addition to theoretical investigations, the cluster carries out tests and develops training concepts. Members of the CPL innovation cluster are interested companies that are concerned with the decarbonisation of port handling operations and heavy goods transport. Current members of the cluster include companies from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Estonia and the USA. Their collaboration in CPL will help them decarbonise their processes and make meaningful, climate-friendly investments as they collect the necessary information and practical experience.

A test center in Hamburg port at the heart of the cluster

The heart of the CPL innovation cluster is a test centre at HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort in Hamburg, where hydrogen-powered equipment can be tested on actual port handling operations and heavy goods transport. The first equipment delivery is scheduled for early 2023. The equipment classes planned for the test environment are straddle carriers, empty container stackers, forklifts, reach stackers, terminal tractor units and trucks. The test area is also open to testing of additional equipment classes and facilities during terminal operations.

“I am delighted that partners from various sectors, universities, cities and ports are working together in the Clean Port & Logistics innovation cluster”, said Angela Titzrath, Chairwoman of HHLA’s Executive Board. “By pooling expertise across sectors, countries and continents, we have a shared opportunity to accelerate the transition to emissions-free heavy goods logistics and port operations. The best thing is that we are already shaping the future together today and thus setting another milestone in the decarbonisation of logistics.”


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