Global tyre manufacturer Hankook participated in Solutrans 2023, showcasing its latest solutions for trucks. Among the other products, the e-SMART AU56 stood up for innovation. It is the very first tyre specifically developed for heavy-duty electric vehicles. So far, the tyre, available from next year, will be addressed to the bus market. “We’ll have soon a similar product designed for trucks”, told us Guy S. Heywood, Director, TBR Sales and Marketing Strategy at Hankook Tire Europe.


Hankook’s new product line for electric vehicles

The e-SMART AU56 meets specific requirements: particularly low rolling resistance for longer battery life, reduced noise to improve passenger comfort and the ability to withstand high instantaneous engine torque and heavy loads, mainly due to high battery weight. e-SMART is a new brand within Hankook’s portfolio. According to Guy S. Heywood, the sector of heavy-duty electric vehicles is quite an important trend looking at the future of transportation, with engineering and production efforts addressed by Hankook toward sustainability.


Today, Europe accounts for 35% sales volume in the Hankook business, with tyres for buses and trucks increasingly important in the Group’s strategy. The Korean tyre manufacturer is indeed building a new production site in Hungary, capable to produce about 800,000 tyres per year. “We really want to grow our business in Europe”, added Mr Heywood.

Hankook relies on artificial intelligence, new materials and 3D printed metal tyre moulds for developing its products, including the other ones on display in Lyon, such as the SmartLine AL50 & DL50 long-haul range, the SmartFlex AL51 & DL51 regional range and the SmartFlex AH51 & DH5 regional range.


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