German hydrogen truck rental company Hylane will purchase 78 more hydrogen-powered vehicles. The announcement was made by the company itself. It’s quite weird that Hylane only specified the supplier of some of the trucks: twenty-six of them will come from IVECO, with the Italian company ready to launch its own branded FCEV trucks, following the end of the joint venture shared with Nikola.

Hylane to purchase more hydrogen trucks

Hylane used to lease the Hyundai XCIENT FCEV trucks, which had quite a different technology compared to the IVECO ones. One of the main differences lays in the fact that the IVECO truck stand 700 bar pressure, compared to 350 bar of the Hyundai trucks, with the tanks capable of up to 70 kg hydrogen storage.

“We are happy about the positive development of our company. We appreciate that we can further consolidate the trust of our existing customers and successfully expand our business with them,” declared Hylane’s Managing Director Bernd Zens. “The continuing demand confirms that we are on the right track. This motivates us to work even more on our plan.”


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