Hyzon Motors has developed an eAxle with up to 97 percent motor-to-wheel efficiency, reducing loss by up to 40 percent. All this was made possible, according to the manufacturer, through innovations in the gear system, differential and motor integration. Such an innovation comes ahead of Hyzon’s public listing via a definitive business combination agreement with Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation.

The new eAxle from Hyzon Motors reduce the motor-to-wheel loss

Hyzon Motors stated that its eAxle eliminates right-angle hypoid gears, and uses one motor per wheel with optimized performances both at low speed and high speed. Paired with a virtual differential, the design achieves efficiency of up to 97 percent, compared to industry-standard 95 percent

The eAxle can reduce the motor-to-wheel loss as much as 40 percent, and further allows full torque regenerative braking. With this innovation, Hyzon expects to incorporate in its next generation Class-8 heavy trucks an all-in-one electric powertrain that can be maintained easily and at a low cost, while providing very high performance with an estimated electrical fuel economy of up to 19.7 mpge at full load over the CARB HHDDT drive cycle.

Class-8 heavy trucks expected to reach a peak power of 950 kW

Hyzon expects the driving performance of its Class-8 heavy trucks to reach a peak power of 950 kW, ability to climb 20+% grades, a 0-60 acceleration rate of less than 20 seconds with a fully loaded trailer, and speeds up to 75 mph governed electronically. Additionally, Hyzon’s eAxle may create a significant weight reduction, crucial to maintaining payload levels for both battery vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. The technology is currently pending patent.

Finally, the eAxles for Hyzon Motors’ hydrogen fuel cell powered heavy- and medium-trucks are expected to be manufactured at the company’s US facilities, with initial sample models ready for deployment next year.


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