IAA Transportation 2024 will have a new claim “Meet the pioneers of transformation”, as well as keyvisual (the one you see above). The major exhibition organized by the German Automotive Industry Association (VDA) will be held from 17 to 22 September in Hanover, as usual.

The development of the concept is due to Berlin-based agency Dangerous, which opted for a bustling scene to vividly depict the complexity and diversity of the transportation and logistics sector. The format allows the complex and interconnected world of mobility and transportation to be illustrated in a vivid and detailed manner. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a selection of vehicles that represent future mobility and sustainable transportation solutions-from efficient trucks and trailers to innovative delivery drones and advanced passenger carriers, vans, and cargo bikes.

IAA Transportation 2024, the new keyvisual explained

These vehicles are not isolated, but embedded in a dynamic scenario that also includes the infrastructure needed to operate, maintain, and recharge or refuel the vehicles. In this way, the image captures not only the diversity of vehicles, but also the essential aspects of infrastructure needed for complete mobility solutions.

«The Keyvisual and subtitle ‘Meet the Pioneers of Transformation’ ideally embody the spirit of IAA Transportation. They illustrate the diversity and innovation needed to advance future mobility and sustainable transportation. They motivate collective action to successfully address our industry’s challenges», said Jürgen Mindel, Director General in charge of IAA at the Automotive Industry Association (VDA).

«Our new Keyvisuals and sub-claims aim to highlight the complexity and diversity of the transportation and logistics industry. They represent a vision for a sustainable future and encourage active participation in these exciting developments. The bustling scene reflects the dynamism and innovation that make IAA Transportation 2024 the central platform for our industry. I would also like to emphasize the motif’s ease of adaptation», added Tim Benedict Wegner, IAA communications manager.

From September 17-22, 2024, Hannover will be the global meeting point for professionals, visionaries and decision makers in the transportation and logistics industry. The press day will be held the previous day, September 16.


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