GLS has become part of the IVECO Ambassador project, aimed at highlighting valuable experience and concrete case studies when it comes to rely on environmentally-friendly solutions for long-haul transportation. As we explained in this post, released some days ago, the IVECO Ambassador programme is an initiative promoted by IVECO in order to highlight the benefits of natural gas and its key role in decarbonizing transport.

The Ambassador programme aims to give a voice to customers, enthusiasts and partners who share the brand’s values on different themes and GLS is the first (but not the last…) customer to talk about their vision. Below, Klaus Schaedle, GLS Group Area Managing Director, interviewed by Alberto Gimmelli (Vado e Torno).

GLS as IVECO Ambassador: CO2 emissions reduction up to 78,000 tons a year

As a matter of fact, as one of the main delivery companies in Italy, GLS decided to renew their truck fleet in search of sustainable solutions. The partnership with IVECO will allow the company to add 120 new LNG and bio-LNG fueled S-WAY trucks. These are supposed to significantly improve carbon footprint, also considering the features of the current, fleet made of Euro VI (70%) and Euro V (30%) diesel trucks. The use of GNL makes it possible to save 7,300 tons of CO2. Th use of biomethane will allow GLS to reduce up to 78,000 tons of CO2.

GLS has indeed promoted a plan, namely Climate Protect, aimed at significantly reducing CO2 emissions by 2025 by the use of environmentally-friendly transport solutions for either last-mile or long haul transportation.

«The commitment of GLS is a further proof of the huge change transportation is experiencing», said Fabrizio Buffa, IVECO Italy Market Alternative Propulsion Manager. «We are honored to join GLS in their path to decarbonization. IVECO biometane-fueled trucks are the right solution for the present and the future of our planet».


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