IVECO Group, the new On-Highway reality of the CNH Group, unveiled today its brand-new logo. With a light and understated design, it places the importance on the brands which it houses and pays homage to their rich and shared heritage, clearly delineating a forward trajectory for all of them, together.

According to the official press release, «the color grey evokes a sense of stability and a strong industrial DNA, acting as a cue for the humble, yet hardworking way forth for the Company, as it works in earnest determination to achieve its goals. The blue dot between the words “Iveco” and “Group” interrupts the color scheme to signal the future, one that is influenced by sustainable innovation. This circle adds a further element that will serve as a center point and dynamic graphic device, suggesting balance and placing attention on the details in the full logo composition». Below, a video of the new logo in motion.

Beyond the logo: the new Iveco Group top management

IVECO Group is the long-awaited On-Highway spin off, announced by CNH Industrial back in 2019. In the last few months, CNH outlined the top management, with Gerrit Marx who will be acting as CEO and Francesco Tanzi about to become CFO. Also, former Head of FPT Powertrain Annalisa Stupenengo will be in charge of overseeing all activities related to manufacturing, quality, logistics and purchasing within the Newco.

A couple of weeks ago, IVECO and Nikola inaugurated the renewed production site in Ulm, where both the BEV and FCEV versions of the Nikola Tre truck will be manufactured according to the criteria of flexibility, automation and full digitalization. Alongside IVECO and FPT, on the frontline of Iveco Group are premium and mass-transit bus and coach brands IVECO BUS and HEULIEZ; Iveco Defence Vehicles for highly-specialized defense and civil protection equipment; ASTRA, a global expert in large scale heavy duty quarry and construction vehicles; the industry-reputed firefighting vehicle and equipment manufacturer Magirus; and finally, but strategically sat at the top of the tail is IVECO CAPITAL, the financing arm of Iveco Group which supports them all.


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