JUICE CHARGER me 3 max is the brand-new product unveiled by the Swiss specialist, and designed for light electric vehicles and small trucks. With its 14-metre cable length, the solution aims at offering maximum flexibility, safety and efficiency, particularly when charging electric commercial vehicles.

The JUICE CHARGER me 3 max answers the growing demand for a practical charging infrastructure for electric commercial vehicles. This is confirmed by Michael Sieber, Head of infrastructure and resources at the Sieber Group and member of the board of management: “We were looking for an innovative product with a suitable backend and Juice provided the perfect solution. The cable drums and 14-metre cables on the charging stations ensure utmost flexibility, allowing us to charge the vehicles directly at the ramps – with or without a trailer.”

Juice Charger Me 3 max

Some key features of the new wall-mounted JUICE charger

With the JUICE CHARGER me 3 max, charging can be activated via an optional, detached RFID terminal with display, which can be situated up to three metres away from the wall charger. Furthermore, thermal and induction protection for reliable charging with partially wound cable, and Lockable cable guide with 150° adjustment and compact mounting plate for installation in tight spaces.

“Sometimes longer is simply better,” stated Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice. “But it’s as much about the variable operating range as it as about length alone. This gives you the freedom to charge electric cars wherever they are parked – be it in depots, car parks or dealerships. Customers can even charge their vehicles when positioned on a hoist. The cable drum provides the necessary flexibility and also helps to avoid trip hazards, which are one of the most frequent causes of workplace accidents. This solution can even eliminate the need for designated parking areas for electric cars in vehicle depots. Every parking space effectively becomes an e-vehicle charging spot.”


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