Kempower has launched a new version of its S-Series satellite chargers featuring liquid-cooled technology. Capable of delivering 400 kW of continuous charging power, the liquid-cooled charging satellite is ideal for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks that require higher charging power than personal electric vehicles.

Satellite chargers from Kempower

The new charger model looks similar to Kempower’s existing S-Series charging satellite system, with the liquid-cooled cables replacing the traditional air-cooled cables. It also features the same user interface and experience as the company’s current satellite charger, which has received positive feedback from drivers for being intuitive and simple to use. This improvement will allegedly help overcome one of the last remaining barriers to the electrification of heavy-duty transport.

“We drew upon the Kemppi Group’s 70 years of welding heritage and expertise in cooling welding cables during the development of this product, guaranteeing high levels of safety and quality. Our customers can install liquid and air-cooled fast charging satellites in separate charging systems or combine both products into the same system, optimizing investment costs while dynamically allocating unused power to different charging satellites. Our technology also makes it possible to prioritize the liquid-cooled charging satellites to always receive full power, dynamically redistributing power when other satellites are being used”, commented Tomi Ristimäki, Kempower’s CEO.


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