Six 150 kW charging systems provided by Finnish manufacturer Kempower can be found in the very first Greenstation‘s charging hub set in Norway, precisely in the city of Straume. Kempower S- and C-Series charging satellite systems provide up to 150 kW of rapid charging power with dynamic power distribution capabilities. Kempower and Greenstation have also jointly developed a customized Kempower ChargEye platform to offer EV drivers an unprecedented user experience.

Greenstation relies on Kempower high-speed charging systems

The Greenstation charging hub has been designed to cater specifically for the increasing number of Norwegian EV drivers. The Kempower S- and C-Series charging system with six charging satellites provides up to 150 kW of charging power, with dynamic power distribution depending on the vehicle’s charging curve, state of charge, battery temperature and maximum charging power.

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When drivers arrive at the charging station, they can easily find their charger as their vehicle’s license plate number is displayed on a large info screen next to the charger. They can then plug in their EV and start charging immediately without inputting any tags or accessing any apps for identification. The Kempower charger and info screen are connected and synchronized through the Kempower ChargEye platform, allowing customers to see charging information displayed on the info screen.

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“Greenstation sets the new standard for EV charging facilities by delivering truly advanced services to drivers”, commented Kempower’s CEO Tomi Ristimäki. “As a company of EV enthusiasts, we’re delighted to be part of this next-level offering and see our Kempower S and C-Series charging satellite systems provide dynamic rapid charging capabilities to users. We’ve utilized the Kempower ChargEye platform to meet and exceed Greenstation’s goals for exceptional customer experience and hope that the unique solution will be well received by EV drivers”.


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