Trailer manufacturer Krone and German electrification specialist Trailer Dynamics became partner with the aim of developing an electrified trailer ready for series production that significantly reduces the diesel and CO2 emissions of diesel semi-trailers and increases the range of BEV semi-trailers. The prototype of the eMega Liner was presented for the first time during the Krone Executive Logistics Summit at the Krone Future Lab in Lingen at the end of September. According to the German trailer manufacturer, «during the first test runs, which were accompanied by SGS TÜV Saar GmbH, the eMega Liner was already able to achieve the targeted diesel and CO2 emission reductions of up to 20 percent».

Krone and Trailer Dynamics: the key technological elements

The key element of the technology developed by Trailer Dynamics is a powerful e-axle, which drives the semi-trailer and also recovers braking energy through recuperation. The battery energy carried in the eTrailer is sufficient especially for long distances over 500 km. If the charging infrastructure on the planned route is not sufficient, an on-board charger will be available to bridge the gap.

Since the eTrailer from Trailer Dynamics can be combined with any semi-trailer regardless of the manufacturer, we can bring the approximately two million diesel semi-trailers in the European fleet closer to low-emission Green Logistics

Michael W. Nimtsch, Founder and Managing Director of Trailer Dynamics

Another highlight is the intelligent control software, which optimally uses and distributes the battery-electric energy over the entire route. Thereby, the functionally reliable real-time control of the system is independent of the manufacturer of the semi-trailer. Overall, the semi-trailer system becomes an electric plug-in hybrid through the intelligent combination of eTrailer and diesel truck.

Field tests currently pending

«The concept of sensory control of the electric driveline developed by Trailer Dynamics enables a solid and functionally reliable control with the semi-trailer. We will realise further efficiency improvements in the field tests that are now pending and until they are ready for series production, thus ensuring a technically convincing market entry of the eTrailer from Trailer Dynamics», said Abdullah Jaber, Founder and Managing Director of Trailer Dynamics.


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