EV charging specialist L-Charge obtained the prestigious Communitas Award for its green and efficient rapid mobile charging station addressed to electric vehicles. L-Charge’s charging stations are mini power stations capable of generating and storing energy and charging electric cars with no need for a grid connection. In particular, the jurors appreciated the project “Green Tour Over Europe” by L-Charge, recognised as the best international project aiming to achieve zero CO2 emissions. The award comission praised company’s contribution in the global development of Green Technologies by developing off-grid super-fast chargers fueled with bio fuel and hydrogen.

As part of the green solution, L-Charge organized a European tour through Germany, Spain, France and the Netherlands, driving its mobile EV charger to promote electric vehicles and to encourage electric vehicle owners to travel for long-distance journeys while producing zero CO2. As part of the European tour, the company offered free charging service to any EV on its way. The company also joined its forces with local EV-car enthusiasts, associations, transport authorities. The aim of the project was to increase the level of global awareness towards questions of climate change, green technologies and CO2 emissions released by ordinary vehicles and to show people they can go with their EVs as long as 4000+ km not damaging the environment.

What is The Comunitas Award assigned to L-Charge

The Communitas Awards is an international effort to recognize the spirit of communitas – people helping people. The award seeks to honor those special companies, organizations, and individuals who go beyond rhetoric and whose commitment sets them apart from their competition. Communitas winners are dedicated to helping the less fortunate in their communities and are changing the way they do business to benefit their employees, communities, and environment. Nominees are evaluated based on the extent and effectiveness of their program.

l-charge award

L-Charge CEO, Dmitry Lashin,  highlighted: «Converting charging stations to generate electricity on hydrogen will help to achieve zero CO2 emissions. That will make the generation of electricity for off grid charging stations 100% environmentally friendly. The company’s mission is to make all the cars electric and environmentally friendly».


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