U.S. battery manufacturer Microvast has recently introduced two new lithium-ion battery cells, as well as upgraded Gen 4 battery packs. The company has been lately listed on Nasdaq under the ticker ‘MVST’.

The new 48Ah and 53.5Ah NMC Li-ion battery cells were specifically designed to meet diverse technical requirements for powering commercial and specialty vehicles, where optimal battery design is challenging due to inherent tradeoffs between power and energy inputs. Both new pouch cells are available in the same dimensions and can be integrated into Microvast’s new Gen 4 battery packs.

Microvast: the company’s President on the new cells

«The new cells enable our customers to easily optimize vehicle design in terms of energy density and cycle life, delivering improved overall performance and reducing total cost of ownership while preserving fast-charging capabilities. We expect these next generation battery cells to become pivotal revenue drivers for our business going forward», said Yang Wu, Microvast’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

As for the battery packs, the new Gen 4 battery packs maintain similar dimensions to the Gen 3 predecessors, while delivering up to 20% more energy and power. The new packs also have enhanced safety features at the module and pack level, leading to improved thermal management. The Gen 4 battery packs will be certified to meet cross-regional battery standards.

Last year, Microvast signed a strategic partnership with GAUSSIN in order to provide battery packs for the French manufacturer’s road truck skateboard.


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