The well-known joint venture Milence has recently inaugurates its new public charging hub for electric trucks located at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, in Belgium. The hub, made of 20 charging bays, is strategically located along the Rhine-Alpine Ten T (Trans-European Transport Network) corridor.

With a total throughput of 289 million tonnes per year, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges is a major hub for global trade. Its central location, extensive connections and excellent infrastructure make it a true world port and a key node in the Milence network.

Milence installed 20 charging stations in Antwerp

The newly opened charging hub at truck parking Ketenis, with ten Combined Charging System (CCS) chargers, powering twenty bays with up to 400kW of power per bay, marks a significant milestone for Milence, being its first hub in Belgium and its largest in Europe. A second hub at truck parking Goordijk, with five CCS chargers powering ten bays, is planned to open later this year. Milence plans a swift transition to Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for both hubs as soon as the technology is available.

Milence has also developed a user-friendly app for its customers, allowing them to easily locate a charger and pay for the charging sessions. Direct payments will also be available via a payment terminal. Milence’s direct tariff is set at EUR 0,4 (0,399 EUR) per kWh excluding VAT and transactional costs. This charging tariff applies to all hubs operated by Milence, and can be found in the Milence app and displayed at the charging station.


The new charging hub will also provide amenities for truck drivers to ensure a comfortable stop while charging. The parking area is fenced and secured with access control, illuminated, and equipped with camera surveillance, Wi-Fi and sanitary facilities. Additionally, snacks and drinks are available from on-site vending machines.

The official statements

“These charging hubs make both truck parkings in the Antwerp port area an indispensable link in electric truck transport. Together with Milence, we remove an important barrier for domestic and foreign transporters to switch to electric trucks”, commented Annick De Ridder, President of the Board of Directors of Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

“With this strategic addition to the network, Milence’s future roadmap is taking shape. Situated on the Rhine-Alpine corridor, one of the busiest freight routes in Europe, this will bring the charging infrastructure where it is most needed to enable the sustainable transport of goods across the continent”, added Anja van Niersen, Milence CEO.


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