Following the completion of the very first Milence charging hub in the Netherlands, the joint venture shared between Volvo, Daimler Truck and TRATON announces a new structure to be built in France, also addressed to heavy-duty electric vehicles. The charging hub will be located in Heudebouville, in the logistics district to the south of Rouen, a strategic geographical location, halfway between Paris and Le Havre, and is expected to start operation in April 2024.

The next Milence charging hub in Rouen, France

The hub in Rouen as well as all Milence charging hubs are open to all trucks regardless of brand. In addition, there will be additional facilities at the hub in Rouen to facilitate an optimal rest & recharge experience. At first, the French hub will be equipped with four high-performance Combined Charging Systems (CCS) chargers, providing up to 400 kW of charging power each. The hub will also have the signature Milence arch and on site there will be additional facilities for drivers to rest, like toilets, showers, and a restaurant (not managed by Milence). The second phase will include additional charging bays. Milence aims also to install its first Megawatt Charging System (MSC) chargers during this phase.

“We see the growing need in the market for a reliable charging network for electric heavy-duty vehicles in Europe. With the charging hub in Rouen and our future roadmap, our plan to establish high-performance green corridors open to all vehicles is taking more shape”, commented Milence CEO, Anja van Niersen. “The development of the Rouen site is part of the network expansion in Europe. Milence is committed to accelerating the transition to fossil-free transport, with people at the heart of our business”.


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