Milence and Greenflux, a subsidiary of DKV Mobility, have announced a newly-formed cooperation agreement. This is quite consistent with Milence’s target to make their own charging infrastructure available to all truck models and brands, and also be accessible to all mobility card providers.

Why Milence and DKV Mobility together?

The newly-signed cooperation will allow all truck drivers to use and pay for charging with their DKV Card +Charge. After opening the very first charging hub in Venlo, the Netherlands, Milence has the target to set over 1,700 charging hi-speed points all over Europe by 2027. Milence is a joint venture shared between Daimler Truck, Volvo and TRATON.

“This collaboration is a significant step forward in our mission to achieve fossil-free road transport by providing efficient and sustainable charging solutions for all electric trucks. We are delighted to be working with DKV & GreenFlux to provide a seamless charging experience for truck drivers across Europe in the future as we continue to expand our network”, said Roel Vissers, Chief Commercial Officer at Milence.


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Varberg is located between Gothenburg and Malmö in the south-west of Sweden. The city itself is a popular stop off point for haulers and heavy-duty vehicle drivers, and the charging hub holds a strategic position near exit 55 along the E6 motorway. Milence's project will have two different phases.