US truck manufacturer Navistar launched the new fully-electric eMV Series trucks, produced and sold under the International brand, one of the many belonging to the Navistar group. The Illinois-based manufacturer is especially active in North and South America. The new truck series is a further proof of the company’s efforts on the road of zero emissions solutions for freight transportation.

According to Navistar, the new eMV Series was built meeting the same criteria of conventional diesel-fueled MV Series trucks and is available in four wheelbase options. As for the battery electric motor, the latter provides peak power of over 335 hp (250 kW), with continuous power of 215 hp or 160 kW. The eMV has a 210 kW capacity high voltage battery that provides a 135-mile range when fully charged.

We are centered around providing a complete ecosystem solution that will allow our customers to seamlessly integrate our EVs into their fleets and are confident the eMV will provide an extremely positive total ownership experience

Gary Horvat, vice president, eMobility at Navistar

Navistar eMV Series: batteries and regenerative braking

Batteries are packages between the frame rails for additional protection and under warranty for five years or 100,000 miles. The eMV is also equipped with three levels of regenerative braking, allowing the vehicle to collect kinetic energy from braking and store it in the battery for use. To ensure the driver has complete awareness of the eMV’s operational status, a state-of-the-art digital instrument cluster includes information on propulsion and regenerative load, state of charge indicator and regenerative braking indicator.

The International eMV also offers both AC and DC charging capabilities as standard equipment to allow customers to choose the best option for their fleets. The recommended Level 2 AC charging station is suitable for overnight charging and provides roughly 19.2 kW of power. The DC Fast Charge station option provides up to 125 kilowatt hours of power. The Fast Charge station also has the capability to provide multiple power options. At its highest kWh input, it can provide a full charge to the eMV in under two hours.

«Rolling off our production lines now, we are proud to offer the International eMV complete with inclusive consultation services provided by our specialized NEXT eMobility Solutions team to ensure seamless integration of electric vehicles into customer fleets», said Debbie Shust, Vice President Medium-Duty Truck, Navistar.


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