Nissan unveiled its new approach to electrified powertrain development for the company’s electric vehicles and e-POWER vehicles. In fact, the Japanese manufacturer has developed a 3-in-1 powertrain prototype, which modularizes the motor, inverter, and reducer, is planned for use in EVs. A 5-in-1 prototype, which additionally modularizes the generator and increaser, is planned for use in e-POWER vehicles.

New electrified powertrain developed by Nissan

The X-in-1 approach has been developed to enable EV and e-POWER core components to be produced on the same line. Among the benefits of the new approach, Nissan highlights sharing and modularizing core components, thus improving production efficiencies and reducing powertrain costs by approximately 30% compared to 2019. Additionally, size and weight reduction of the unit improves vehicle driving performance and minimizes noise and vibration. Also, adopting newly developed motor reduces the use of heavy rare earth elements to 1% or less by weight.

“We make the most of our expertise and know-how from our more-than-a-decade long development and production of electrified technologies”, stated Senior Vice President Toshihiro Hirai. “Through our innovations in electrified powertrain development, we’ll continue to create new value for customers and deliver 100% motor-driven vehicles – EVs and e-POWER – as widely as possible”.


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