Battery manufacturer Northvolt announced the project of a new gigafactory to be built in Heide, Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany. The region hosts the cleanest energy grid in Germany, one which is characterized by a surplus of electricity generated by onshore and offshore wind power and reinforced by clean energy provided through grid interconnections to Denmark and Norway. Northvolt Drei – this is the name given to the project – will have annual production up to 60 GWh and will be able to deliver a supply of sustainably produced lithium-ion batteries to the European market, sufficient for some one million electric vehicles.

Northvolt: how’s the new gigafactory going to be

The new gigafactory increases Northvolt’s pipeline of battery manufacturing capacity under development to over 170 GWh, thereby advancing the company on its mission to deliver batteries in a manner characterized by clean energy and circularity that is fundamentally different from approaches dominating the global industry today. The Swedish manufacturer had previously announced new ambitious plans for a new gigafactory in Sweden by 2024, as well as an expansion of the company’s recycling program, named Revolt.

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«We’re excited to announce Northvolt Drei – a project which fits well into a promising future cluster of clean technology ventures emerging in northern Germany and advances the wider European transition towards a sustainable society within which Germany plays a crucial role», said Peter Carlsson, Co-Founder and CEO of Northvolt.

Lithium-ion batteries produced with low environmental footprint

Envisioned to produce its first batteries in 2025 and provide some 3,000 new jobs, a central intention of Northvolt Drei is to deliver high-performance lithium-ion batteries, produced with the lowest environmental footprint in continental Europe. In addition to being centrally positioned in the emerging European battery supply chain connecting Scandinavia and continental Europe, the region also provides the space required to establish a battery plant of sufficient size to leverage the economies of scale in production which are key to reducing battery costs.

Christofer Haux, interim CEO of Northvolt Drei, commented: «We look forward to engaging with communities and authorities of Schleswig-Holstein to ensure that Northvolt Drei is developed in a transparent and collaborative manner that makes the most of the many opportunities the project represents for the region».


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