Nuvera is about to launch new fuel cell genset and mobile EV rapid charger at the incoming ACT Expo, the major exhibition scheduled in Las Vegas from 20 to 23 May. The North American company has developed a hydrogen-powered genset and rapid charger in collaboration with power management services provider Power Innovations International. The zero-emission 30 kVA mobile power generator will be used for on-site power and EV charging.

The genset offers high-quality AC and DC power to quickly charge electric vehicles and power electric equipment. Features include “Direct-to-Charge” patented technology, an integrated control system, a customizable trailer design, multiple power outlets, component customization options, and grid independence. It can be used in emission-controlled zones and other areas where air quality is a priority, as well as sub-zero environments where other zero-emission technologies fail. Low operating noise levels mean the genset is also ideal for noise-sensitive environments, movie sets, concerts and sporting events.

Nuvera’s new mobile EV charger

The level 3 DC fast charger can recharge both on and off-road EVs up to 30kW output, offering 250 to 920Vdc output, where the genset provides clean, reliable, on-demand power to locations with limited or no grid power access such as warehouses, parking lots, malls, construction zones, mining sites and ports. The genset can also provide up to 30kW of AC with field configurable 208Vac or 415Vac 3-Phase power along with 120/240Vac split phase power output. 

“We’ve reached a significant milestone alongside Power Innovations International on the path to a greener future with portable, emission-free power supply options,” said Kedar Murthy, Nuvera’s chief commercial officer.

Mike Basile, Nuvera’s North American sales and business development leader, added that “there is a natural fit for our fuel cell technology as a solution to meet the growing demand for clean on-site power and grid-independent EV charging. We look forward to exploring exciting new applications as this product reaches the market.”


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