pepper motion is about to launch its own development of next-generation high-performance battery systems. According to the German company, previously known as e-troFit, the start of in-house battery development is intended to bundle expertise and experience in the costliest component of an electric drive system with the highest development potential and to incorporate the practical experience gained in recent years in the commercial vehicle sector.

A team of nine experts has been working since October 2021 in the recently opened pepper offices and laboratories at the Paderborn site. With this, pepper is accelerating the development of a next-generation battery system that has
already been initiated
. An interdisciplinary team of experts has formed a unique constellation to cover the many facets of the development of efficient and safe battery systems with high power density: development and testing of cells and systems, hardware development and design engineering of complete scalable modular battery systems, development of software for monitoring, and control of battery systems, and last but not least functional safety in accordance with ISO 26262.

pepper motion to meet the demand on battery systems

The special demands placed on battery systems in the commercial vehicle sector are significantly higher than for passenger car models due to tough everyday operating conditions. Robustness, durability, safety, availability, energy efficiency, and sustainability are the key requirements of fleet operators for emission-free electric drive systems and
the battery systems used in them.

pepper motion
pepper motion team working in Paderborn

«Our broad range of knowledge and experience in the field is unique in this combination within the market. It gives us the decisive edge in developing next-generation battery systems in the commercial vehicle sector. We will be incorporating all the latest trends in battery cell development into our future product development, provided they meet our high standards of functional safety and reliability», said Matthias Kerler, CTO at pepper motion GmbH.


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