New plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Multivan, introduced with a global digital event back in June, is about to start series production at VW’s modernised production site located in Hannover. Indeed, Volkswagen states that “starting series production of the new Multivan as a plug-in hybrid is a milestone in the electrification of production in the Hannover plant. As of 2022, three vehicles will be simultaneously made here on three vehicle platforms and with three drive system variants“. Looking at the near future, apparently from 2025 onwards, further fully electric premium models for other Group brands will also be made at the Hannover plant.

Plug-in hybrid Multivan

The 160 kW/218 PS plug-in-hybrid (PHEV) drive system brings zero onroad emissions and long range into full alignment with low total consumption. Also included in the latest version of the iconic Multivan is a new evolutionary stage of connected driver assist, operating and infotainment systems. A new interior concept makes the van even more versatile. The Multivan is launching also with two turbo petrol engines, before as soon as early 2022 a turbo diesel delivering follows.

Plug-in hybrid Multivan

Making production as sustainable as ever

As for the search of higher efficiency levels in production, the so-called ‘Sustainable Factory’ is a core element of the strategy set by Volswagen. It is “a factory without any negative impact on the environment. This works directly to the benefit of the Group objective of having a carbon-neutral footprint by 2050. The CO2 reduction in production is a key instrument in achieving this objective”, stated the Group. As a first step, VW Commercial Vehicles is aiming by 2025 to have lowered the environmental impact in the production process by 50 percent compared to 2010.

“For all of us in Hannover that was a challenging task, which was executed in every detail”, commented Josef Baumert, Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics at VWCV.


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