PragmaCharge will open its first Spanish heavy-duty electric truck charging hub, located just 3.5 km outside of the Port of Valencia, Spain. The new charging hub is strategically located in MercaValencia, home to over 40 logistics companies and over 500 daily truck movements.  

The Port of Valencia handles more than 40% of shipping container traffic in Spain, making it one of  the most important logistics hubs for land transport. Charging services from PragmaCharge’s charging hub, located so close to the Port, will be a crucial enabler for electrification of heavy-duty  trucks operating in this area.

PragmaCharge to equip the hub with 40 CCS fast chargers

Quite soon, 40 CCS fast chargers delivering up to 400 kW of power, and capable of charging trucks in 45 minutes to coincide with legally required rest for drivers. Charging-as-a-Service will be available for all truck fleet owners, through subscription via PragmaCharge’s Cloud Platform.

“Our turn-key solution accelerates full electrification of road freight by providing electric trucks at TCO parity to new diesel trucks, as well as building charging infrastructure at customers’ depots and in the vicinity of key logistics centres, such as sea ports and rail freight terminals”, said Anil Srivastava, CEO of PragmaCharge. “We are truly excited about the opportunity to build our charging hub in Valencia and serve the needs of local fleet owners. A successful charging hub at MercaValencia shall help us accelerate our ongoing work to establish operations at others ports in Spain and across Europe”.


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