German zero-emission truck manufacturer Quantron has found valuable partner as for hydrogen production and distribution in the Nordic countries, namely Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. In fact, Westgass Hydrogen and Quantron AG have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement, part of a wider strategy for the parties to collaborate on Quantron-as-a-Service bundling Fuel Cell powered commercial vehicles with Green H2.

The companies will collaborate to provide a joint offering based on hydrogen-powered electric vehicles from QUANTRON and the supply of hydrogen through a network of refuelling stations provided by Westgass Hydrogen. Westgass will also be the green H2 supply partner for a future dispensing network across Europe. QUANTRON sees the Nordics and its high hydrogen affinity in heavy duty as an ideal prooving ground for Quantron-as-a-service. This OEM-open ecosystem offers its customers through the Clean Transportation Alliance a 360-degree platform, including zero-emission vehicles as well as the associated infrastructure from green H2 generation to refuelling.

Quantro close to hydrogen commercial roll out in Norway

QUANTRON will begin the first phase of its commercial roll out to Norway in 2024, with Westgass selected as QUANTRON’s preferred green Hydrogen suppliers for QaaS clients in the Nordics. “We are excited to collaborate with QUANTRON on this joint offering and contribute to the transition to zero-emission within the transportation sector using green hydrogen as a fuel”, stated Kinar Kent, CEO of Westgass Hydrogen AS.

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“The collaboration with Westgass Hydrogen paves the way for Quantron-as-a-Service tailor made for Nordic transportation requirements”, added Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG. “Besides dispensing green H2 to our QaaS clients, based on the competitive supply and distribution of green H2 by Westgass, this will also serve a supply partner for a H2 Fuelling company.”


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