At the 2023 Move America conference in Austin, Texas, Quantron announced a valuable partnership with New Day Hydrogen, which aims to help build the infrastructure needed for hydrogen refueling throughout the United States and Canada.

Multiple members of QUANTRON’s executive team will be participating in key roles at the Move America conference. Quantron AG’s global CEO, Michael Perschke, will give a speech with Dr. Karthik of Goldstone Technologies on “Building a Digital Ecosystem to Manage Decarbonization in the Heavy-Duty Transportation Segment.” QUANTRON and Goldstone Technologies recently formed a joint venture under the name ROQIT.

Quantron wants to boost hydrogen mobility in the USA

Quantron US, a subsidiary of the German clean tech company, Quantron AG, is making significant strides in the US market. The latest partnership with New Day Hydrogen makes hydrogen fueling economical for fleets of heavy-duty electric vehicles as they take their first, incremental steps towards zero emissions.

“As we are moving the mobility industry towards hydrogen, we often get the question: what comes first – the vehicles or the infrastructure? This partnership helps provide a solution that offers both”, said Rick Haas, CEO of Quantron US. “We’re offering a range-leading hydrogen-fueled truck along with a full 360° service offering for customers through our QaaS model. New Day Hydrogen will be a key piece of this offering with their ability to build on-site hydrogen electrolyzers so that truck fleets will have the confidence and security of being able to supply and manage their own hydrogen needs. It is a natural partnership that allows us to take the next step in this exciting work.”

“We are excited to be partnering with QUANTRON, together addressing the zero-emission vehicle and infrastructure needs of commercial fleets,” added New Day Hydrogen’s COO, Buford Barr. “Hydrogen is a clear zero-emissions option, especially for fleets who have identified operational challenges with batteries and charging.”


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