Atlantic Autocars is the new official distributor of Quantron vehicles and solutions in France. With extensive experience in the electric and hydrogen truck market, Atlantic Autocars will oversee the coordination and execution of sales and services in France.

Quantron’s move in France: CEO Haller speaking

Moreover, the French company placed an order for five QUANTRON QARGO BEV trucks, emphasizing their commitment to cutting-edge solutions. “We are delighted to join forces with Atlantic Autocars to make an impact in the French transportation industry“, stated Quantron CEO, Andreas Haller. “Climate friendly and fuel cell-powered trucks hold enormous potential in France. Now is the time to transition fleets and electrify the transportation sector sustainably”.

“Atlantic Autocars’ stellar reputation and commitment to sustainability align closely with QUANTRON’s mission. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our collective pursuit of sustainable mobility, advancing the adoption of sustainable transport solutions in France. Our French customers can rely on this collaboration to gain access to the finesteco-friendly transport solutions”, he added.


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