Quantron has announced a valuable partnership with Oilinvest, owner of very important brands such as Tamoil or HEM, aimed at building hydrogen-based refueling infrastructure to supply FCEV trucks. The partnership gave way to a new joint venture named HEMTRON, which is based in Hamburg, Germany, to help accelerate the decarbonisation of road freight in Europe.

Oilinvest subsidiaries operate around 2,450 filling stations under the Tamoil brand in Europe including Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and the HEM brand in filling stations in Germany. Together with third party and newly established (greenfield) locations, this extensive network provides a foundation for the proliferation of zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles.

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Quantron and Oilinvest to create a German-based joint venture

The main target of the newly-created joint venture is “to secure consistent growth and supply of hydrogen refueling stations at customer-oriented locations near transportation hubs such as logistics centers and highways”.

“Through this strategic partnership with QUANTRON, we aim to offer our customers a commercially viable solution and reduce carbon emissions with green hydrogen as an alternative to diesel for commercial road transport”, said Ahmed Elkerrami, Chief Executive Officer of Oilinvest Group.


“Green hydrogen will be a key energy carrier of the future to accelerate the decarbonization especially in heavy duty trucking. With the help of Oilinvest’s fuel retailing expertise and refueling station network, we are creating a foundation for our customers to switch from diesel to zero-emission FCEV vehicles”, added Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG.


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