Quantron has recently added three new partners to its ‘QaaS’ (Quantron as a Service) zero emission platform. These partners join Ballard Power Systems and Neuman & Esser, which are also investors in the Quantron project. All partners dedicate their expertise into the current available BEV and FCEV vehicle line-up, especially the Quantron 44 ton H2 Hydrogen Truck Quantron QHM FCEV, recently introduced at IAA Transportation, and also corresponding H2 infrastructure solutions.

Who are the new Quantron QaaS partners

Here are the new Quantron partners: Cognitran Ltd. is a global OEM IT expert in aftersales, and will enlarge the Quantron Customer Care focus for all hydrogen and zero emission products within the QaaS platform. Roadzen Inc. is a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Insurance as a Service (IaaS) platform. Goldstone Technologies Limited (GTL) is a Public Limited Company in Hyderabad, lndia and is a strong Full Stack Analytics, BI Data Management and Intelligence solutions and services provider.

The goal of these strategic partnerships is to build and grow an open platform in the Hydrogen Alliance (from fuel cells and H2 infrastructure to a H2 refueling alliance), open to other manufacturers of fuel cell powered trucks and buses. “In 2019 QaaS was my vision of zero emission transportation solutions – in 2022 we have achieved the first significant milestones and in 2023 we will launch our first hydrogen powered heavy fuel cell truck – the QUANTRON QHM FCEV and this will also be the launch of our QaaS platform – an OEM agnostic platform for operating zero emission fleets, with a focus on Hydrogen as a Service”, commented Andreas Haller, Founder and Chairman of Quantron.


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