Global logistics specialist Rhenus Group has recently added to its fleet a QUANTRON 100% electric QARGO truck. Since March 1, the zero-emission truck has been navigating the streets of Madrid, particularly in zones restricted by the Madrid 360 project.

Long-lasting cooperation between Quantron and Rhenus

In a parallel development, QUANTRON has also been delivering six QLI BEV to Rhenus in Germany. Rhenus and QUANTRON intensify their international collaboration across borders. Both companies are united in the goal to make transportation more sustainable and help achieving a greener future.

“This initiative mirrors our relentless pursuit of innovation, positioning us as pioneers in environmental efficiency within the logistics field. While Rhenus has long embraced electric trucks globally, this launch in Madrid’s urban distribution landscape offers invaluable insights to further scale our commitment to electric mobility and QUANTRON”, stated Andreu Gutiérrez, Country Sales Director Road at Rhenus Logistics in Spain.


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