Australian Recharge Industries, a leading provider of battery technology, is about to take over failed English battery startup Britishvolt. The latter was forced to file for insolvency back in January, this year, after quite a long and painful agony. Under plans presented by Recharge Industries, the Britishvolt project will make the UK’s first Gigafactory a reality, creating a strategic economic and security asset which will play a critical role in the UK’s industrial and net zero strategies.

Recharge Industries will save the Britishvolt project

Based in Geelong, Australia, the firm is currently developing Australia’s first large-scale lithium-ion cell production facility to provide safer, more efficient and recyclable batteries, as well as investing in research and development of next-generation solutions to real-world and emerging energy storage solutions.

“We are thrilled to have been successful in our bid for ownership of Britishvolt; our plans are the right ones for the local community and the UK economy”, said David A. Collard, Founder and CEO of Scale Facilitation, the parent company of Recharge Industries. “Backed by our global supply chain, strategic delivery partners and a number of significant customer agreements in place, we’re confident of making the Cambois Gigafactory a success and growing it into an advanced green energy project. We can’t wait to get started and want to start as soon as possible”.


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