REE Automotive has recently announced an agreement with battery pack manufacturer Microvast addressed to the supply of lithium-ion battery solutions for electric vehicle platforms and electric vehicles. Under the terms of the agreement, Microvast, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Microvast Gmbh, will offer MV-C Gen 4 HpCO high-energy lithium-ion battery packs which will contribute as energy storage system for “Powered by REE” EV platforms.

Customers will benefit from this partnership by combining REE’s zero-emission commercial vehicles with Microvast’s cutting-edge battery technology that offers high energy density, high power performance, long cycle life, and fast charging capabilities (full charge in 30 minutes). Microvast is expected to provide proprietary battery technology and exceptional cell chemistry to fulfil REE’s power, density, charging time, and cycle life requirements.

ree automotive-microvast-2

REE Automotive: the agreement with Microvast

REE Automotive’s P7 platform will be powered by Microvast’s MV-C Gen 4. The REE P7 is suitable for applications such as commercial trucks, school buses, walk-in vans, and delivery box trucks. REE’s scalable and modular architecture allows any platform size from class 1-6. Microvast offers consistent modularity with its battery systems and can fulfill the requirements of all of REE’s EV platform sizes.

“We are excited to partner with REE, a trailblazing automotive company,” stated Sascha Kelterborn, Chief Revenue Officer of Microvast. “REE shares the same attitude and goals as Microvast—to revolutionize the future of transportation. Another binding element between our companies is the high safety goals we each set for our products.”


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