Renault Trucks unveiled the all-electric D Wide Z.E. Low Entry Cab (LEC), specially designed to facilitate waste collection operations and protect the safety of operators and vulnerable road users. Developed in close collaboration with the bodybuilder Estepe, the Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. LEC is delivered in a 6×2 version with a steered rear axle and is available to order throughout Europe. As it is all-electric, the vehicle emits no exhaust fumes and is approved for use in urban areas with traffic restrictions.

Renault D Wide Z.E Low Entry Cab for household waste collection

As we reported in this post, some all-electric D Wide Z.E. trucks have been recently delivered to European cities such as Florence and Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris, in France. Now, the e-truck developed by Renault Trucks has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the household waste collection sector, facilitating the work of the operators and by optimizing their safety, comfort and, ultimately, efficiency.

The cab entry is 200 mm lower than in a standard distribution truck and features a single non-slip step and doors that open at 90°. This significantly reduces crew fatigue from getting in and out of the cab more than 100 times per round.

Additionally, the low position of the cab provides excellent direct vision for drivers, leading to optimum protection for vulnerable road users.

An agreement with Enel X in Italy

Renault Trucks has also signed an agreement with Enel X for the development of a series of solutions dedicated to electric mobility: from vehicle recharging infrastructure, to the supporting web platform for managing and monitoring the recharging points installed in company car parks, from management programmes for company fleets of electric vehicles to the training of qualified personnel. 

Renault D Wide Z.E.

The agreement also includes JuicePass, the App that enables users to manage electric vehicle recharging wherever they are, in cities, on urban and suburban roads and in numerous strategic points (supermarkets, car parks and shopping centres), thanks to recharging infrastructure located throughout Italy and Europe.

The words of Pierre Sirolli, CEO of Renault Trucks Italia

«Today’s agreement with Enel X covers the joint development of infrastructure to help customers. The transition to electric mobility is complex and it is not enough to manufacture vehicles. It is also necessary to accompany the customer in terms of consultancy for staff training, and the choice and management of the most suitable recharging facilities», commented Pierre Sirolli, CEO of Renault Trucks Italia.


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