Renault Trucks is about to open its brand-new service outlet in Lyon. Renault Trucks City, this is the name of the project, will be located at the Urban Logistics Hotel (ULH) in Lyon-Gerland, so in the heart of the French city. The ULH (pictured above) is expected to be inaugurated at the end of March, 2024, and will manage the distribution of goods in the city.

In other words, the centre will act as a central hub, unlading and sorting goods, then rearranging them in low-emission vehicles, enabling low-carbon delivery tailored to urban constraints. The Lyon ULH will be home to a number of transport and logistics specialists, including Renault Trucks, which has built a new kind of service outlet there.

Renault Trucks E-Tech D

Renault Trucks City to be replicated in other locations

Renault Trucks City will provide local maintenance and repair services for customers that operate medium-duty electric trucks and light commercial vehicles in Lyon’s city centre. This E-Tech-certified workshop, which is part of the Renault Trucks’ Corbas dealership, will be staffed by two technicians and has space to accommodate two trucks at a time. It also has an area dedicated to servicing Kleuster cargo bikes, assembled by Renault Trucks in Vénissieux. 

This project reflects the manufacturer’s overall strategy, which aims to optimise all aspects of the urban logistics ecosystem by looking at is as a whole. This includes offering a wide range of electric vehicles and services suited to the constraints of urban distribution.

This initial experiment in France is a precursor to other similar initiatives for Renault Trucks, with projects under consideration in Paris, Marseille and in the Netherlands, where Renault Trucks distributor Bluekens recently opened an area dedicated to cargo bikes and last-mile services for hauliers.


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