Electric van manufacturer Rivian wants to re-negotiate the exclusivity clause signed with Amazon back in 2019, when the two companies announced the intention to bring something like 100,000 e-vans to the streets in the U.S. by 2030. Now, apparently the figures were a bit optimistic, as the very first deliveries were carried out last here, as we reported, and Amazon itself realized it’s not easy at all to stick to the terms of the agreement signed four years ago.

Rivian and Amazon: high expectations

As reported by Electrive, in 2022 Rivian delivered 20,332 electric vehicles, but due to investment costs in scaling up production, its losses increased to $6.75 billion. So, while Rivian is facing quite high costs for production ramp-up, Amazon is currently ordering much less vans than expected, thus making Rivian plans rather complicated.

Amazon has recently announced the intention to invest more than one billion euro in order to buy electric vehicles, both vans and heavy-duty trucks, with the first orders already placed to DAF or Volvo Trucks, for instance.


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