Primary firefighting vehicles manufacturer Rosenbauer received first fleet order for its new RT full electric fire trucks. The order, announced by the Rosenbauer Group, comes from Switzerland, namely from the Canton of Basel-Stadt’s fire department, which is expected to use four all-electric firefighting vehicles. Rosenbauer’s RT e-trucks were launched back in September and are equipped, as we explained in this post, with Volvo Penta e-drivelines made of four electric machines that are required to run simultaneously. As a matter of fact, two systems are used for propulsion, one for the range extender to provide extra battery power, and one for electric power takeoff, if fire-fighters want to rotate the foam pump, for instance.

Rosenbauer RT e-trucks, satisfaction for the first fleet order

According to initial customer feedback, over 90 percent of all operations can be carried out under all-electric battery power without the range extender generating power. The Basel-Stadt fire department employs around 100 people and most recently has been called out more than 2,900 times a year. “The first fleet order for a new product is always something special. Thirty years ago, it was a Swiss airport fire department thatput the first PANTHER into service, and with it we defined a new vehicle category”, declared Dieter Siegel, CEO of Rosenbauer International. “I am all the more pleased by this renewed vote of confidence from the Basel-Stadt fire department. This ordermakes it one of the first users of this pioneering technology, which we intend to implement in other vehicle types in the future.”

The Rosenbauer Group has set itself the goal of offering at least one vehicle with electric drive in every vehicle category by 2023. In doing so, the Group is relying both on corresponding structures for commercial electric chassis, such as the Volvo FL Electric, and on its own developments. Furthermore, Rosenbauer estimates that the global market volume for the RT and comparable technologies alone will be around 3,200 vehicles by 2030.


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