SAF-Holland’s TIRE PILOT I.Q. tire pressure monitoring system monitors the pressure of trailer tires. As soon as the pressure drops below the set value, the system automatically tops it up. If too much air has been lost, SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. sends a notification to the driver’s cab. With this system, SAF-HOLLAND prevents total tire failures, for example in the event of a puncture, and saves fuel.

Now, the system meets the requirements of ECE-R-141 and GSRII 2019/2144 international standards, the latter mandatory in the EU from next July. According to the manufacturer, low tire pressure is the cause of 85 percent of total tire failures. Furthermore, a correct tire pressure extends the service life of the tires, and effectively reduces fuel consumption.


SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. to monitor and maintain tire pressure

The digital SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. helps drivers and fleet managers to continuously monitor and consistently maintain tire pressure. “The display in the driver’s cab warns the driver when the pressure falls 0.5 bar below the set value in the system. If the pressure drops below this value, the system tops up the air automatically, without any interaction from the driver,” said Benjamin Irmscher, Product Line Manager Axles & Suspensions at SAF-HOLLAND.  

Easy to install, the system is available for all trailers with rigid and steering axles. In addition to the warning message on the dashboard in the cab, SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. offers detailed evaluations via an app and WiFi. The free app supplies detailed real-time data about the system status.


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