TrailerMaster from SAF-Holland is the solution developed by the global company capable to make trailers smart, indeed. Telematic systems, connected components and digital data in real time are the key ingredients of this solution aimed at making transport processes digital.

“Digitalisation, currently a key factor in our industry, also creates added value in trailers for commercial vehicle manufacturers and transport companies. Processes that are digitally optimised with the SAF TrailerMaster increase effectiveness, allowing fleets to better address the increasing competitive pressure,” commented David Meder, Product Manager Smart Trailer at SAF-Holland.


Smart trailers, all the advantages for fleet managers

Fleet managers, in particular, will be able to coordinate their vehicles more profitably and prevent downtime in the future. If, for example, the tyre pressure is continuously monitored and adapted when required, this will also reduce fuel consumption. That saves costs and reduces CO2 emissions.

The SAF TrailerMaster automates the communication between trailer, driver and fleet operator. Fleet managers will be able to keep an eye on the location, load or mileage of the trailer as well as the technical condition of tyres and brakes, for more transparency in everyday transport operations. Moreover, the SAF TrailerMaster web portal processes the synchronised movement and vehicle data in a clear structure, whether on a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. This allows the freight forwarder to view the status of their entire fleet at a glance and document trailer and transport processes.

Finally, the mobile application connects the driver, vehicle and trailer. In the event of breakdown, it enables fast diagnostics and forwards damage notifications to fleet managers and workshops. With the digital departure check, the driver uses a checklist and photo upload to document defects on the vehicle. Push notifications provide additional information about the current situation on the trailer.


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