Scania keeps trying to make also heavy transport fully electric. After providing an electric truck to Swedish timber transportation company SCA, now it’s the turn of a 64-tonne truck (including load and trailer), recently delivered to Swedish chemical supplier Wibax, the latter engaged in the efforts to make transportation way more sustainable. More into details, the truck is supposed to run on the roads between the cities of Piteå and Skellefteå in northern Sweden, a distance of 80 kilometres one way.

As stated by Scania, the vehicle’s performance and load capacity are made possible by the development of a significantly stronger electric motor. Together with Wibax, Scania will work in order to optimize the use of the vehicle over time, including charging, battery life length and route planning. This will also provide valuable insights to Wibax as they prepare to add additional electric vehicles to their fleet in the future.

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«We have done our utmost to be sustainable since the company was founded in 1986, and as we have identified transports as our biggest environmental impact, this electric truck is a step to ensure we can carry on with our operations with the climate in mind. During the lifetime of this truck, Wibax will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1,400 tonnes, making it a true game-changer», declared Jonas Wiklund, CEO of Wibax Group. «It is vital for us to be at the forefront in sustainability matters. It shouldn’t just be something you read on a piece of paper; it should mean something for real. Lighter electrified trucks have been available on the market for a while, but for us, it only really matters now when we are able to electrify our 64-tonne loads».

«This is the first fully electric 64-tonner that we put on the road in customer operations. Step by step, we are demonstrating that electric solutions are happening very fast and for basically all segments», added Fredrik Allard, Head of E-mobility at Scania.


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