Schmitz Cargobull delivered its first fully electric S.KOe reefer semi-trailer to STI (Deutschland) GmbH, a German logistics company operating all over Europe. The company is a subsidiary of STI Freight Management and is the first company in Germany to operate the S.KOe on coordinated routes in a field test. According to the statement released by Schmitz Cargobull, if the fully electric reefer semi-trailer stands the test, the company intends to invest in further e-trailers in the future.

As we reported not long ago, Schmitz Cargobull has already been testing the S.KOe box trailer with electric transport refrigeration unit and generator axle was successfully tested in the Netherlands by representatives of the rental company TIP, the logistics service provider Cornelissen and the supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

Schmitz Cargobull S.KOe COOL SMART

The reefer semi-trailer handed over to STI is an S.KOe COOL SMART with an electric axle as well as an electric cooling unit with integrated power electronics and a battery system. The all-electric S.CUe cooling unit is designed for emission-free cooling and heating of the freight in the multi-temp range. The S.CUe has a cooling capacity of up to 15,900 W and a heating capacity of 9,100 W. Batteries are installed in the place of the diesel tank between the landing gear. 

A trailer axle to recuperate energy during braking

The trailer is equipped with an electrified Schmitz Cargobull trailer axle which, among other things, recuperates energy during braking processes and thus reduces the charging times of the battery via the power supply network. On a trailer without an electrified axle the battery is not recharged when the vehicle is in motion. In contrast, a trailer with a generator axle recharges the battery during the journey, minimising the need for recharging via the power supply network at the distribution centre. This also reduces waiting times at the distribution centres.

«We don’t just want to raise awareness that something needs to change, we want to be proactive and use technological solutions to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. That’s why we decided early on to use an fully electric S.KOe reefer semi-trailer from Schmitz Cargobull», declared Drazan Malesevic, Managing Director of STI (Deutschland) GmbH.


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