Morrow Batteries and Stena Recycling have entered into an agreement regarding battery production scrap from the Morrow Cell Factory in Arendal, Norway. The production scrap will be handled at Stena Recycling’s new facility for battery recycling in Halmstad, Sweden. The goal is to build a complete circular battery value chain where recycled material is re-inserted into battery cell production.

More into details, the battery recycling company will collect and store production scrap, train personnel at the Morrow Cell Factory in relevant procedures, as well as transport and handle the scrap at the new battery recycling facility in south of Sweden. It is one of Europe’s first industrial scale battery recycling facilities.

stena recycling

Stena Recycling’s plans over battery recycling processes

The Swedish company’s advanced recycling process will enable battery material to be recovered and used to manufacture new batteries with very high recycling rates. The partnership will extend over the next one year and a half.

“We proudly share Stena Recycling’s business idea to create a truly circular society where nothing goes to waste. Morrow aims for low scrap rates and stable, high-quality production delivered by our skilled machine operators and manufacturing engineers. Nevertheless, some scrap volumes will need responsible handling, and we are confident that Stena Recycling is the right partner to achieve recycling excellence. As soon as Morrow starts trial production in 2024, Stena Recycling will start receiving and handling scrap from the production process,” said Lars Christian Bacher, CEO of Morrow.

“Morrow is focused on efficiency, sustainability, and environmental impact. To consume less resources in the form of energy and raw materials is their goal, as well as ours. Together we look forward to a new circular partnership and a holistic solution to increase resource efficiency and minimize emissions,” added Marcus Martinsson, Product Area Manager Batteries at Stena Recycling Group.


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