It’s not easy at all to know something about the Tesla Semi, the famous electric truck Tesla has been developing in the latest years. As we all know, Elon Musk’s marketing strategy is quite unpredictable, with the only effect to increase stakeholders and people curiosity and expectations about the Tesla truck. Some days ago, by means of the media Elon Musk is trying to buy, namely Twitter, Tesla founder stated that the long-haul truck is about to see the very first deliveries: on December 1st, Pepsi might receive an electric truck. We’ll see!

Musk: “The Tesla Semi about to start production”

So, Tesla is about to start production of the Semi in the U.S. The Class-8 truck was unveiled in 2017, with plans to start deliveries two years later. Then, some clear delays occurred. Rumors seemed to indicate start of production in 2023, even though, eariler this year, Musk announced that the first deliveries of the Tesla Semi would happen by the end of the current year. Apparently, the vehicle will have a range of nearly 800 km with a single charge and will be manufactured in Nevada, not far from Tesla local Gigafactory.


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