British EV manufacturer Tevva has kicked off the first of its 2024 Customer Experience Days, with 40 prospective customers enjoying a day at Tevva London in Tilbury driving the only UK-made 7.5 ton battery-electric truck. The vehicle, conceived for urban deliveries, has 227 km range and 105 kWh battery.

The Customer Experience Days aim to provide fleet managers, transport managers, operations directors and anyone tasked with decarbonising their commercial vehicle fleets with the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an electric truck. The test drive route visits Tilbury Port and Tilbury town, mimicking typical urban delivery routes. Participants can drive or be driven on local roads and experience first-hand the ‘wow factor’ of that first electric drive.


Tevva Customer Experience Days

A full programme includes an informal knowledge share of the onboard technologies at the Tevva Creation Hub, covering batteries, regen braking, eMotors and a look at the company’s manufacturing facilities.

“The future is undeniably electric and that includes trucks. In fact, the decarbonisation of trucking will have a bigger positive impact on air quality and reduced carbon emissions than passenger cars”, said Ken Scott, Managing Director of Tevva. “As the only British company making battery-electric trucks today, we’re delighted to launch this ‘try before you buy’ programme, where you can test drive one of our vehicles for yourself. Any forward-thinking fleet decision-maker shouldn’t miss this opportunity. They might be surprised at how smooth the transition from a dirty diesel to a clean electric truck can be”.

The next Tevva Customer Experience Day will be held on Thursday 21 March.


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