The British manufacturer Tevva unveiled first British designed 7.5-tonne electric truck intended for mass production in the UK. The truck aims to provide a natural transition into commercial vehicle electrification having been built on a robust and proven truck-derived chassis. Tevva announced the immediate availability for pre-orders, while the vehicle will start series production in July, next year, with the first deliveries estimated in Q3, 2022.

The Tevva Truck offers a range of up to 250 km in pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) form or up to 500 km with its patented range extender technology (REX), which has now been upgraded to use hydrogen fuel cells. The vehicle will be manufactured in the London Thames Freeport area. The 11,000 square meters manufacturing plant is set to create an additional 1,000 skilled mechanical, software, engineering, and manufacturing jobs in the next 24 months, adding to the 60 plus jobs already created this year. This is part of an initiative that has already seen tens of millions of pounds being invested into the UK, with further funding planned, helping to support the economy and propel Britain’s electric vehicle revolution. The facility is initially expected to begin manufacturing 3,000 trucks per annum by 2023.

Tevva 7.5-tonne truck is a sign of change in the commercial vehicle sector

«Technology is transforming the commercial vehicle sector at pace, making it safer, greener, and entirely more efficient. But meaningful change is a gradual process, it must happen one step at a time, even if those changes are needed in fast succession. The Tevva Truck provides a natural transition into electrification for fleet managers, providing total peace of mind and a compelling total cost of ownership proposition, with no compromise on range and reliability and minimised compromise on payload», said Asher Bennett, Founder and CEO of Tevva.

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The Tevva Truck will offer range extension technology with its REX solution available for delivery in 2023. Its compact hydrogen fuel cells recharge the battery on the move, allowing the Tevva Truck with the integrated REX technology to fulfil longer duty cycles and carry heavier loads even further. The truck is Tevva’s third generation vehicle, representing the culmination of seven years of engineering development and the learning gathered from over 350,000 km of in-fleet trials.


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