TotalEnergies, in collaboration with Blu Way, celebrated an important step in the distribution of liquefied bio-LNG in Italy. The two companies inaugurated a bio-LNG station near Turin within wide-ranging project with a view to promoting concrete actions for the sustainability of transport.

Primary Italian operator Blu Way will distribute a 20 percent share of bio-LNG within its network of filling stations. Such a share will be increased over time.

At the opening ceremony, we had the opportunity to meet Filippo Redaelli, TotalEnergies Italia CEO, who outlines for us the new philosophy behind the huge company renaming at the end of May 2021. Watch the video below.

TotalEnergies: a certified supply chain for liquefied bio-LNG

TotalEnergies is committed to implementing a monitoring system for the supply chain of liquefied bio-LNG, as well as compliance with the minimum shares of bio-fuel. Specifically, the bio-LNG will come from a plant in Verolanuova, in the province of Brescia, recently inaugurated. The starting point in the production process is the recovery of livestock manure and agricultural waste, valuable resources to produce renewable energy and next-generation biofuel in a sustainable way. 

The estimated reduction in CO2 emissions from a vehicle fuelled by liquefied bio-LNG, compared to a Euro VI diesel, is up to 80 per cent, while that from fossil fuel vehicles is up to 65 percent.

totalenergies bio-lng

Focus on renewable sources

Not neglecting oil, without which it would not be possible to invest $60 billion over the coming decade, as TotalEnergies plans, the newly formed company has added six other energy sources to its spectrum, including gas, electricity, hydrogen, biomass, wind and solar.

The long-term plan speaks of a carbon-neutral ambition by 2050, with the company becoming fully multi-energy. In terms of biofuel production, the plans call for an increase from 500 GW/h per year in 2020 to 6,000 GW/h per year in 2030. The biofuels produced should increase from the current 0.3 million tonnes per year to 5 million tonnes in 2030.

totalenergies bio-lng

«Liquefied bio-LNG as a great opportunity»

«BluWay was founded four years ago to distribute alternative and bio-sustainable fuels», explained CEO Marco Lucà. «So far, we have dealt with fossil products, and liquefied bio-LNG is a great opportunity for us. In a few weeks, we expect to reach the target of 20 per cent bio fuel: this, together with the certification that TotalEnergies guarantees us through a third party, allows us to guarantee our customers added value through a clear and transparent approach. We hope that this will be a signal for a significant decarbonisation of transport».


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